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The Elders at our church are doing the coolest thing. For about six years, we’ve used a resource by Alexander Strauch called, “Biblical Eldership” to train men for church leadership. Individuals make a year-long committment to some pretty intensive study and a one-on-one mentoring relationship with a “previous graduate.” We’ve had over twenty men complete the requirements and many of them have served or are serving as Elders at our church.

Occasionally, another church in our area will request help or guidance from our leadership. Just a few months ago, Town and Country Christian Church in Coweta, OK (John Catrett, minister) inquired about partnering with us in mininstry. To make a long story short, our Elders offered to take some of their men through our leadership process. They agreed and tonight five of our current and former Elders met individually with five men from their church to start the mentoring/training process. Who knows where it will lead, but I know that when church leaders get serious about growing as leaders, something good is going to happen.

I love it that our Elders see the kingdom as bigger than just Cedar Ridge.

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  1. John Reeb on February 8th, 2007

    Happened to run across this when looking for, of all things, a golf course. My former church in Denver (St. John’s Lutheran) has used Strauch’s book as a guide since the mid-90’s. It is a wonderful church and Biblical Eldership has transformed it! I was an Elder for several years until I moved out of state. It is doing amazing things for St. John’s. Anyone else readng this – I encourage to get Strauch’s book. It helps both pastors and lay people tremendously!

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