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This weekend we wrap up our series, Practically Christian. When you are practically Christian, you believe but there is a big “but” in how it gets represented in your life. You say one thing but your lifestyle says something contrary. Have you identified with one of the Christian conditions we’ve talked about?
Practical Atheist – When you believe in God but don’t act like it.
Practical Universalist – When you believe Christ is necessary for salvation but don’t share your faith.
Practical Fatalist – When you believe in eternity but live like this life is all there is.

Being a Practical Fatalist may be one of the most prevalent and most deceiving of the bunch. With the comforts and luxuries we enjoy, it’s easy to get comfortable and forget that this world is not really our home (remember the story of the sea lion living in the desert). We can forget that “The world and its desires pass away” (1 John 2:17). We can forget to live for the line (eternal life) and find ourselves making all of our decision based on the dot (life on earth).

If you’re finding yourself with any of those symptoms, quit taking the pill of the temporary and start living life fully aware. Aware that there is more to life than just acquiring more stuff and making this life more comfortable. Life is just preparation for eternity. Are you living like that?

If you missed the message, Practical Fatalist, you can view it here:

You have been praying for The Fold in South Africa and Paul and Micky Prince, our global partners there as a part of our Radical Faith Journey. This weekend a team of seven of us from Cedar Ridge will be traveling there to encourage the Princes and minister to the children there. Pray for our team and our travel. If you want to keep up with our trip, I’ll be updating my blog daily at gregpittman.com.

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