I’m the Preaching Minister at Cedar Ridge Christian Church in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  Before preaching, I served as the Youth Minister at Cedar Ridge.  I’ve ministered with this growing congregation for almost nineteen years.  I’m a graduate of Ozark Christian College and grew up in a preacher’s family in central Kansas.  My wife, Andrea, and I have four children, Tanner, Kiersten, Kyler, and Kimber. Besides helping people see the Bible as relevant to life and pointing them to Christ, I like to bird hunt, ride 4-wheelers, and kickbox.

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  1. Ed on February 7th, 2007

    Preacher on, Pastor! Be bold with the Word! Continue to live that fire that you had as a youth pastor!

  2. bob on February 18th, 2007

    seems the more you are prayed for, the better the sermon…thank you for your efforts!

  3. mlea on June 18th, 2007

    I enjoyed the Fathers Day sermon but also suprised at the openness of sexuality in the sermon (#3). You were right on and it has been on my mind since. I would like to ask you for a reference to part of that sermon.

  4. Marcy on September 23rd, 2007

    Really great sermon today. I would like to suggest that the church put boxes of kleenex in the pews under the seats…after the youth group did their presentation, I started crying and couldn’t stop. I wish my friend Andi could have been there to see that presentation and hear everything that was spoken this morning.

  5. Dan & Pat Gaskins on August 16th, 2010


    Pat and I want to encourage you on the messages that you have been giving on Sundays. What the church has lacked for years is the truth being taught to grow the body of Christ. We have received a great deal of insight into the Word of God from your messages. The series on Proverbs was very good! Suburban Legends is just what is needed to build Godly relationships.

    We are praying that you and the staff will be given the wisdom and knowledge to bring forth the Word of God in a mighty way.

    Your Bother and Sister in Christ,

    Dan & Pat Gaskins

  6. Kandace Leonard on October 17th, 2010

    Hey Greg,

    It has been a lot of years since you were the youth intern at FCC in Dodge City. It is great to know that you are still serving the Lord! Keep up the good fight, and congratulations on your wonderful family…


    Kandace Price- Leonard

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